Most folks in today's times do not realize there are 2 reasons to put down minerals for deer. Most put minerals down to make the deer healthier and grow big racks. And if this is the reason you're putting mineral down then the mineral should have been put in back in February and March. But there is a second reason for putting down minerals. And this reason goes back farther than my time starting hunting. And that reason is to establish a pattern in the deer. And the time to put down what I call patterning mineral sites is now to the end of June. Why we use minerals to do this is simple. This time of year the deer crave it and the mineral will last 6 months to a year with no problem. Most folks today do not realize that baiting and the use of minerals have always been allowed. Back when I 1st started hunting deer in the seventies we weren't allowed to hunt within 300' of bait or minerals if we were in a tree stand or in a man-made blind. But we could set up against the tree right next to it if we wanted to. The old timers learned that getting the deer coming to a spot was a habit, they could back off that spot 1 to 200 yards on the trails coming in, and kill their deer in the big woods.

Our Rednecks Pride Outdoors DEER STUFF ONE Is a mineral mix with taste ingredients that was developed for this use. The best way to use is to find your spot where the deer are going to be normally, where they want to be. Find a dead rotten stump, if not, loosen up the soil 3 to 4 or even 5" deep 12 to 18" circle. Mix 1 (5-pound bag) of DEER STUFF ONE, Into the soil or stump. One bag of our DS1 lasts at least 6 months before you need to put more down. A lot of spots along field edges it will last a year. To get the deer coming to it quicker and get the deer hitting it faster, place half a bag of our Rednecks Pride Outdoors DEER STUFF TWO on top of the mineral. And for added appeal, we will put some of our bear and deer bait Enhancer, either persimmon or sweet corn into the mix. I will go back 5 to 7 days later to see what's going on and add the other half a bag of DS2 and some enhancer.

Come back in late July or early August to pick out the best runs to put your stand up 40 to 100 yards out.

DEER STUFF ONE - POWDERED MINERAL SUPPLEMENT craved by deer in the spring and summer but is still used in fall and winter. Loosen up the soil in an 18-inch circle of a depth of 2 inches, place the contents of 1 bag on top of the soil, and work in.

When starting in the fall place a ½ to a full bag of DEER STUFF TWO on top of the supplement to entice deer to the location.

DEER STUFF TWO - POWDERED ATTRACTANT can be used by itself or placed on existing bait. When starting new use ½ to one full bag in an 18-inch circle on top of the ground where deer will find without trouble or use a tube feeder. To continue to use re-place ¼ or more on that spot every 3 days or as needed to replace.

Urine-Based Deer Lures Banned Effective May 10, 2021

A change in state hunting regulations banning the possession, sale, and use of all-natural, deer-derived hunting lures (urine and glandular secretions) becomes effective May 10, 2021. The ban is to help safeguard the health of New Jersey's deer herd from the threat of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). These scents and lures are derived from captive deer where the risk of CWD is greatest. The production of deer urine is not regulated; there is no federal or state agency that can certify deer urine-based products as CWD-free, and no level of exposure is acceptable.

CWD is a progressive and always fatal neurologic disease affecting deer and other members of the Cervid family such as elk, moose, and reindeer. It results in emaciation, abnormal behavior, loss of bodily functions, and death, and is readily spread from deer to deer. While CWD has not yet been documented in New Jersey, it poses a real and significant risk to deer herds and New Jersey's deer hunting tradition if it arrives here.

The Division is doing everything in its power to prevent CWD from entering New Jersey and to protect the long-term health of our deer herd and our deer hunting heritage. This action is to help safeguard the health of New Jersey's deer herd from the threat of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).

We are in the last phase of testing our new natural deer urine/ deer parts free deer scents.

We will still provide our great natural deer scents that have been proven for 30 years to folks that can still use these.

Just like all of our products ACP Rednecks Pride strives to produce products that work and are determined to prove a non natural deer urine / parts hunting scents that really work. keep looking for our line. 

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