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Raccoons on the roof tearing shingles off or ripping the gable vent out or even the attic fan is no match for this home evader.  In the late 80’s and early 90’s the Raccoon was very high on the list of wildlife problems for home owners and property owners in New Jersey. In 1992 the rabies outbreak came to the state and wiped the Raccoon population out. 

For years the Raccoon has not been a problem to the homeowner but today the Raccoon has re-bound back to almost the numbers of the late 80’s and half of our calls seem to be Raccoon once again! There are two reasons Raccoons enter structures; first they are looking for something to eat.  

Most people do not realize that the Raccoon is a predator.  The Raccoon preys on song birds and ground birds, if they can catch them, but the nest is the main focus.  Shore birds are at the mercy of the Raccoon.  Turtle nests fall to the Raccoon by astounding numbers.   The Raccoon also eats squirrels, by invading the nest in trees and has learned that young squirrels in attic nests are an easy meal.  Matter fact a large portion of our Raccoon jobs the Raccoon is there because the home has squirrels.  The Second reason is to live or sleep. 

There are circuit dens and nursing dens. The male Raccoons (boars) and the females (sows) will have multiple dens to stay in.  Except a female that has young or has chosen a den to have young the coons will travel in their home circuit spending a day or two in each den then moving on to the next spot. 

The sow with young or when she has chosen a den to have young will be there every day.  A lot of folks will think the Raccoon is gone and run up into the attic not see anything and close up the hole only to hear the Raccoon tearing the attic apart that night.   

Or they will hear the Raccoon leave the home and will immediately close the hole only to have the Raccoon rip another hole in the roof a week later. (The Raccoon did it the first time why would it not do it again?)

Why not use a company that knows Raccoons and what to do to solve your problems?

Many carpenters and roofers will just close the holes, the pest controller sets a trap in the attic however ACP WILDLIFE CONTROL SERVICES will not just close a hole, as a Professional control company we understand what it takes to solve the problem. Trapping and removing the coon and closing the entry point and animal-proofing the home with a 2-year warranty is the only way to do the job right. Making sure the animal is out and closing right means years without problems!

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