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Thirty years ago, the only Groundhog control work we were doing was in the north and north central parts of New Jersey. Today the Groundhogs have become equal to Squirrel work for ACP Wildlife Control Services in New Jersey.  The only areas that this ground dweller is not thriving, living in numbers, is along the coast in the sandy soils, where the water shed is within 3 feet or so below the surface.

 Groundhogs, Whistle Pig, Wood Chuck, are all the same critter.  They will emerge from the den in mid to late February here in the southern part of NJ and March in the far northern part of NJ most years unless it is still very cold or snowy.  When they emerge, they will breed for a short time frame.  There may be two or three Groundhogs in the den next to your foundation or under your shed. Once the male breeds the female, he leaves to find another love.  In the spring, it is not uncommon for the male to bounce around from empty den to empty den or barren females to go from one shed to another next door.  Around late May the young will start to come out of the dens, 1 to 7 young is common.  The young will stay living in the den with the female until August or so. Then  they are pushed out, but will only go as far as they need to set up their own homes. (The shed or built in pool in the next yard many times).  The problem with the Groundhog is people think they are cute; that is until the basement starts to leak, driveway collapse, swimming pool empties out or the shed starts to drop on one side, air conditionings units too.  The damage that this animal can cause can be major in costs and amounts. A Groundhog in a horse and cow pasture can be very dangerous to live stock causing broken legs to the animal.

ACP Wildlife Control Services preforms Groundhog control for the homeowners as well as large Property Management Companies.  ACP specializes in the large-scale jobs.  Our control and removal practices are based on years of doing the work and getting the jobs done by removing the problem. ACP also preforms exclusion when this will solve the problem for the client.





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