$7.00 1 Ounce Spray

BLACK GOLD - an EARLY SEASON non-sex attractant or can be used anytime in the season when you do not want a sex attractant.  Use as a drag, hanger or mist.

BUCK TARSAL PLUS - a TERRITORY SCENT use when the first signs of rut show.  Can be used in a scrape or on a hanger.  Do NOT use too much, one capfull is more than enough per hanger.  Hang at 10 and 2 o’clock positions of stand.  Lure may have a negative effect on sub dominant buck and doe.  Works great with TC PLUS and DOE N HEAT.

OLE TIMER- is a BUCK LURE to be used from early signs of rut to the end of the season.  It is a doe in heat attractant.  Can be dragged to the stand, hung or misted by itself.  Or a great added attractant when hung at 10 and 2 o’clock positions of stand and using  TC PLUS as a drag to the stand.

MOCK SCRAPE 4- an ALL SEASONIn EARLY SEASON a social scent.  In pre-rut, rut and post rut it is a SEX SCENT for bucks.  Dig up an 18 inch patch of dirt under licking branch, place ¼ ounce on licking branch and scrape.  Can also be used with a dripper, or hanger over scrape.  Refresh every 3-5 days or until deer take over.  ***COST $7.00 1 Ounce Squirt.

TC PLUS - an ALL SEASON combination scent and a pre-rut to end of the season buck lure. The scent will attract deer, will cover human odor and is a curiosity all in one.  Best when dragged on the trail; also it is a great hanger and misting scent.  Can also be used in a scent heater.  Works well with other REDNECKS PRIDE SCENTS!  ***COST $8.50 2 Ounce Spray.

TC #3– this scent was our 2nd attractant made.  It is a non sex attractant, can be used any time early or late season.  It also is a calming agent and a curiosity when used with a cover, deer will trail.  Drag, mist or hang same as TC PLUS***COST $8.50 2 Ounce Spray  

We are in the last phase of testing our new natural deer urine/ deer parts free deer scents.

We will still provide our great natural deer scents that have been proven for 30 years to folks that can still use these.

Just like all of our products ACP Rednecks Pride strives to produce products that work and are determined to prove a non natural deer urine / parts hunting scents that really work. keep looking for our line. 

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