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Ron Jones - Owner

Ron has had a love of animals from a very young age.  Hunting, trapping, and game-calling lead him into the outdoor services.  He started doing depredation work 32 years ago, which lead him into urban wildlife control.  He provides quality service to all his customers.  Ron is known nationally as a speaker for his lectures on wildlife control and outdoor topics.  He is referred to as "The Squirrel Man."

He is also a trapper training Instructor, New Jersey Wildlife Damage Control Association member, and New Jersey Fur Harvesters.

Ron is the man to call for all your human-wildlife conflicts.  He also specializes in scents, ADC/trapping baits/lures, and game calls!

In 1987 we began manufacturing our line of taste Baits and lures. We originally formulated our product line for the cage trapper and kind of coni Box trap trappers.

Our original taste lures were, Persimmon, sweet corn, banana, melon, and hog grabber.

I could see no one else was marketing their bait and lures as true taste and smell products. Since those humble beginnings, many in the ADC wildlife control fields, And trappers alike have learned that our products work great in dog-proof, foothold sets, comma cage traps, and coni boxes.

So if you're looking for something new that has been proven for years, give REDNECKS PRIDE OUTDOORS A TRY.

"The Squirrel Man"
 Ron Jones

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