$7.00 1 Ounce Spray

BLACK GOLD - an EARLY SEASON non-sex attractant or can be used anytime in the season when you do not want a sex attractant.  Use as a drag, hanger or mist. 

BUCK TARSAL PLUS - a TERRITORY SCENT use when the first signs of rut show.  Can be used in a scrape or on a hanger.  Do NOT use too much, one capful is more than enough per hanger.  Hang at 10 and 2 o’clock positions of stand.  Lure may have a negative effect on sub dominant buck and doe.  Works great with TC PLUS and DOE N HEAT.

OLE TIMER - is a BUCK LURE to be used from early signs of rut to the end of the season.  It is a doe in heat attractant.  Can be dragged to the stand, hung or misted by itself.  Or a great added attractant when hung at 10 and 2 o’clock positions of stand and using  TC PLUS as a drag to the stand.

MOCK SCRAPE 4 - an ALL SEASONIn EARLY SEASON a social scent.  In pre-rut, rut and post rut it is a SEX SCENT for bucks.  Dig up an 18 inch patch of dirt under licking branch, place ¼ ounce on licking branch and scrape.  Can also be used with a dripper, or hanger over scrape.  Refresh every 3-5 days or until deer take over.  ***COST $7.00 1 Ounce Squirt

TC PLUS - an ALL SEASON combination scent and a pre-rut to end of the season buck lure. The scent will attract deer, will cover human odor and is a curiosity all in one.  Best when dragged on the trail; also it is a great hanger and misting scent.  Can also be used in a scent heater.  Works well with other REDNECKS PRIDE SCENTS!  ***COST $8.50 2 Ounce Spray

TC #3 – this scent was our 2nd attractant made.  It is a non sex attractant, can be used any time early or late season.  It also is a calming agent and a curiosity when used with a cover, deer will trail.  Drag, mist or hang same as TC PLUS***COST $8.50 2 Ounce Spray



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