Baits and Lures 

 "Since 1987 I have made and used for my business with great SUCCESS!” - Ron

Rednecks Pride Baits and Lures are formulated for the use in cage traps, around people and also out in the field in a dirt hole.  The ADC Baits not only smell good to the critter and you, but have a good taste to the critter resulting in more catches! The Trap Line Baits are based on the same concept with more call.  The ADC Lures are attractive to the critters by both smell and good taste for use in cages or dirt holes or on traps where taste is needed, so that they may be used in closed areas in the home.  Our Trap Line Lures are formulated on, the habitats of the critters.  These are the only baits and lures I have used for going on 25 years for both my business and trap line.  

Deer and Cover Scents

Rednecks Pride Deer Attractants was formulated in 1990/91 on a challenge to see if we could make a deer scent work.  Rednecks Pride Deer Attractants are formulated based on the habitats and behaviors of the deer.  They can be used drags, hangers, drippers, misted and heaters.  We took the same mindset as we had to attract critters trapping, and applied that to deer. The results are attracts that work form the hunter or control man to achieve the best in the field.  Our Cover Scents are formulated to hide and decrease the human odor to give that hunter more time for the shot.   Our Deer Attractant Powders are made with ingredients to make deer come in.   Rednecks Pride Deer and Cover Scents are made for the guy that knows how to deer hunt or the guy that needs the edge, so if you can hunt every day of the season or just spend limited time hunting we have a product for you.

Fishing Scents

Rednecks Pride offers 3 scents trout, freshwater game fish and salt water.  We formulated these scents way back in the early 1990s.  In 2009 we reformulated these scent with other oils to make them both stronger and more appealing to the fish. If you like to fish these should be in your box.

Game Calls

Ron at 10 years old started to try calling critters, and has continued all these years.  In the wildlife control field he is referred to as the man who talks to animals, and cannot do a lecture without being asked to do wildlife sounds.   In 2000 Rednecks Pride started to make Turkey Mouth Calls and Friction Calls. Today Rednecks Pride has over 25 different types of mouth calls along with our custom made friction turkey calls.  Turkey hunting is a passion for this redneck and it shows in our calls.

Waterfowl Calls

Waterfowl hunting here on the east coast is a very popular sport. This redneck prefers hunting ducks and geese over every other fall and winter activity.  Hunting ducks from my early teens till now has put in some strong opinions on calls and type of calling.  This redneck wants calls that sound like ducks and geese to be judged by ducks and geese in the field.  Rednecks Pride has been making duck and goose calls since 2003. We have a proven call that both the new and seasoned hunted can count on.  Most of all, calls that rednecks can count on that demand the absolute from a call.  Like one of our dedicated call users said, Rednecks Pride finishes what others started, (Big Mike).  All of our calls are customer made. So give them a try!

Predator Calls

ACP Rednecks Pride make a line of predator calls in closed reed, open reed and mouth calls.  Wood and acrylic custom calls for the caller that wants sound that is realistic.

Snares and Capture Devices

Catching critters is what started Ron off and running.  As a young boy catching rabbits and birds took him to fur trapping which took him to the adc field which caused him to make the above products to be used in the trapping and ADC work for his business (not for sale).  It was only years later that the products became available to the public. Rednecks Pride has a complete line of snares and capture devices for both the hobby trapper, the professional fur trapper and or ADC Person.  We are serious about what we use and how we use it when it comes to catching critters. You can count on our snares and capture devices. Backed by more than 40 years of catching critters.








































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